Water Parks of Málaga: AQUAMIJAS


Good morning Mamis de Málaga, how are you this week? I hope you are doing soooo good!

Yes, I know Summer is ending, that’s why, if you haven’t done it yet, I would like to propose you a plan to do with the kids before Autumn arrives.

My children are 5 and 11, and my niece is 6. This gap between them, makes, sometimes, the task of deciding where to go or what to do very difficult. It is complicated to find an activity suitable for all the ages…

Well, considering what I have just told you, a good option for us it is Aquamijas. This park is very good because it is medium size, very handy, with quite enough diffentent and minimum height to climb on them of 1.15 cm and not 1.20 cm as in Aqualand, for example.

My girl is 1.16 cm so, she could enjoy on everything, which it was a relief for us because she is very intrepid and adventurous, hahaha.

Look how she slides at the kamikaze!

Well, I am going to tell you my experience, maybe I wake up on you the feeling of going to say bye to the summer

Pricelist and tickets

We bought the tickets at Aquamijas window because we were having one of those discount vouchers that you can find at the big stores.

You also have the option of buying the tickets online, obtaining a significant discount as well. They have different prices for children, juniors and adults, and many options and combinations depending on the day of the week, month, number of people … For example, tickets for a family of 4, 2 adults and 2 children, would cost 54,40 €instead of 64€ that would be the normal box office price.

You can also get the season bonus, getting a discount of 20% when you buy online, or a 30% discount if you go in the afternoon.

Here you can buy tickets online and check all their rates.


Eating and drinking

The park has a bar, a coffee shop and a self-service restaurant, with many price options and variety of food.

This time, we took our own a carrier fridge with snacks and drinks, just to save a little bit of money. This option it is ok for them, as long as, for safety reasons, you don’t bring glass containers.

After lunch, we bought ice creams for children and iced coffee for adults, those weren’t much money!



They have a cloakroom, safes, large locker rooms with showers, float rental and hammocks, shaded areas and picnic tables, service of surveillance and first aid permanently attended by medical and nursing staff.



We lay our towels on a grass area, occupying one of the free umbrellas in there and we left our bags together under the shade. We had doubts about whether to use the safe or not, but eventually, we decided not to do so and we didn’t have any problem at all. But if you worry a little bit this option it is a very good idea.


They have 11 different attractions, and we could ride on all of them, thanks to those 1.16 cm I told you before, hahaha. It was very good not to have to explain to my little girl that she wasn’t allowed to use any of them… Phew!

The attractions are the followings:

  1. Río Aventura
  2. Pistas Blandas
  3. Laberinto de Toboganes
  4. Río Bravo
  5. Kamikaze
  6. Piscina de Olas
  7. Piscina Infantil
  8. Isla Lagartos
  9. Lago Azul
  10. Jacuzzi
  11. Diverdragón


Isla Lagartos


Piscina de Olas


Piscina Infantil

Río Bravo

As you can see we had a very good day, cool and nice. It was a mission to get them out of the water! We went in July, this month they close at 7pm, so imagine how tired we ended up. Only a bit of strength to get home, showered quickly, dinner and going to bed … We slept like angels …

I hope you liked our experience and it inspires you!

Come on! They open until 30th of September, and on this month they have cheaper deals!

Tell us how it was and … share if you liked it!

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