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Hello Mamis de Málaga, this week we are going to share with you a post from Macarena Ruiz, mamá por bulerías’ blogger. She loves Málaga and always she has the opportunity she comes with her family to visit us. Their last visit was to Gibralfaro’s castle, don’t miss their experience!

Visit to Gibralfaro’s castle

We are in love with Malaga’s city. We have close family living in there, so we can go twice or three times a year to enjoy from this wonderful city.

Our favourite day out it is when we visit the Castle of Gibralfaro, right in the historic center.

The origin of this castle it is dated by the Phoenicians period and it was built as a lighthouse, that’s why it is called Gibralfaro, however, the responsible of today’s fortification were the Arabs in the fourteenth century with the purpose of protecting the Alcazaba. In fact, the castle and the Alcazaba are united by a wall.

With the time, Gibralfaro’s castle has been remodelled, we must notice that the mosque inside, for example, has been removed.

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Gibralfaro 1

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For its historical and cultural interest, as well as for the fantastic panoramic views that can be enjoyed, it is a highly recommended activity to go with family.

How to get in there

We walked up. Climbing up makes you enjoying the spectacular views, there is even a viewpoint, but you have to keep in mind that the ascent is extensive and are steep slopes and slopes. Our girls are very strong, but with some children, especially if they are very small, it is preferable to go by car or bus. (The bus number 35 from the Paseo del Parque)

If you choose a hot day to go, I recommend you do not to go in the warmest hours of sun, and of course, to wear comfortable clothes and to carry plenty of water with you.

What to see

The visit starts in the gardens, we walk along the long walls, climb to turrets, enjoying at the same time the whole city of Malaga views.

Also, you can visit the Interpretation Center, where the whole history of the Castle can be known through its inhabitants during the different periods of times.

Gibralfaro 6

Gibralfaro 5

Gibralfaro 4

Prices and schedules

Before going to a site, especially if you are a large family, it is important to know the amount of the tickets.

This activity is economical. the normal entrance is 2.20 euros, and there is reduced price for children and retirees.

Also, on Sundays from 14:00 the entrance is free.

The Castle is open seven days a week. In winter from 9 to 18 hours, and in summer from 9 to 20.

The Gibralfaro Castle is a must go if you are coming to enjoy the beauty of Malaga.

Macarena Ruiz

Macarena Ruiz

Hello! My name is Maca. Amaya’s mum since 6 years ago. Motherhood arrives to change my life completely. Since then I write this blog to share my experience as a mum.

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