Torre del Mar, so… special! For Holidays with kids

Tang de naranja

Hello again Mamis de Málaga, today we bring you a post from our friend and blogger mate Tang de Naranja, a native cordoban that because of the life cravings, he and his family always come to Málaga for summer holidays, specifically to Torre del Mar, becaming the best embassador of this so cool and nice sea side village.

Here you are with his reflexions!

Torre del Mar, so… special! For Holidays with kids

As a native of Córdoba, my nature tells me that I must spend my vacation in Malaga like the 90% of my city population. But there is only one problem: I hate the beach. Now, the end of the school and the summer are here and it is time to think about where to go for holidays. However, since few years ago, we have been avoiding the part of thinking, just because our destination is clear: Torre del mar.

At the end of the day, yes, I’m going to be like the rest of the Cordobans.

“But Tang, if you just said that you hate the beach.” Yes, that’s what I said. You see, few years ago my ideal holiday was to spend the day at home playing the console and watching movies and series. I used to have the same feelings for sun and water as vampires and cats. Not like the cat we were having at the countryside who loves to jump to the pool when he thought he was alone, but that’s another story.

So here I am, I hate the people crowdy places, get burn and walking with the “crrr, crrr, crrr” of stepping on sand that it last almost a month after the holidays, and they told me that I am going to have a family apartment in Torre del Mar. That means that, for the rest of my life I will spend summers in there (hey, if it’s free …). So finally, I got in there for first time, thinking that the GPS (my head) has been expose too much to the sun and took me to a wrong place.

Torre del Mar is an oasis, an earthly paradise. In case I didn’t say it clear enough I will repeat it once again: I hate everything relating with going to the beach. But Torre del mar is far from those images of crowded beaches that we see every day in the newscast. Ok, the water could be freezing some days and feeling like we are training for these Nordic sports of swimming in ice water in winter, but, in another hand, it is a pleasure to read quietly while Laura, my daughter, enjoys all that (under the watchful eye of my Family and myself, that honestly, I spend more time watching than reading).

Although I hate the beach (not so much lately), Mamis de Málaga ask me to write about what I do in summer there and it just come to my mind one idea: Torre del mar is a town.

“Hey Tang, that’s an absurd statement.” Yes, okay, it may seem so, but you must understand all the concept. Torre del Mar is not one of those holiday places full of people, where you can see only a little bit of beach sand underneath the people and hundreds of buildings’ apartments occupied only in summer. Torre del Mar is a town with capital letters.

You can walk quietly through the streets, go shopping, play in the parks with children (the one we like to go has “a castle of those to climb and touch” with a boat which it is great), go out for dinner or lunch without any problem. You have the power, after all, of enjoying and feeling like at home.

Okay, as a city mouse also I am, I must say that the shopping centre is one of my favourite’s places. Especially important is the cinema and, yes, those places where you eat hamburgers and give you crowns for the kids ( 😉 , 😉 ).

A place to come back not only in summer, as well in any of those occasion that you have few days off.

Tang de Naranja

Anyway, what I think it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that Laura, as soon as she gets into the car for the return trip, she starts to count the days to come back.

If you don’t know this sea side village don’t miss the opportunity of coming this summer!

I see you at Torre del Mar!

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Tang de Naranja

Tang de Naranja

Daddy, blogger and cordoban

Daddy and daugther in love with table games, books and orange Tang drink, of course! Maresfera gave me a award. Co-founder of @Nocompropanmgz y @BlogDads.

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