One day in Selwo Marina Benalmádena


Hello again Mamis de Málaga, how are you doing with the after Holidays depression? And what about the return to school and routine? We are ok, always with a big smile, and making great efforts to make the transition as simple as possible … Although, I must say, very deep inside, I am so happy to get it back … Blessed routine!

We start a season of schedules, homework, exams and extracurricular activities so, our family plans are being reduced to weekends, and whenever possible, so, taking advantage of the last summer days, we decided to say goodbye to the hot season at Selwo Marina.

Time ago, after one of our visits to Alameda Theatre, we took few discount flyers displayed there at their bar. And, from that moment, I knew we were having another plan to do together as a family, hahaha

A magic day in Selwo Marina 

The day we chose in the calendar arrived, and there we went with children and discounts to the box office. When we bought the tickets, they gave us a map from the park and a schedule with the presentations and the programmed activities’ timetables.

Antillas area

We arrived just before noon so, we could manage to attend the dolphins and sea lions’ presentation at the Antilles area. We met a sea lion and its coach, while they were explaining by megaphone the characteristics and curiosities of these animals. We enjoyed it a lot, the time pass so quickly, we would have liked it to last a little longer.

After the exhibition, we went to meet the rest of the family in the adjacent lagoons, as quick as a wink, my children explained to me who was the mother, the father, the son and even Peter cousin, a sea lion who was a bit farer in another house, they explained…


Flamingos and squirrel monkeys

We pass by the Flamingo’s lagoon, and were quite surprised by the huge number of specimens in there.

After, we went to the visit of the Saimiri-Squirrel Monkeys. They organize this activity in small groups with scheduled times and a monitor, it requires precaution so we must follow certain rules like not taking photos, not carrying anything in the hands, not touching plants … It was a very curious experience and we loved being able to observe them so closely.


Tropics, Amazonia and Mangar

When we finished with the Squirrel monkeys we went to visit the Tropics’ area where could see iguanas, fawns, turtles and various monkeys circulating freely inside the enclosure.

We continue walking and we arrive to the Amazonia’s zone, with different species of reptiles, a python, poisonous fish and spiders. Also, the Mangar where we saw several caimans, and different fishes’ species like piranha.



Ice Island

Walking and chatting, we found ourselves on the opposite pole, yes literally, we arrive to the Ice Island. Once in there, we had the honour of personally meeting our friends the penguins of Madagascar. Yesss, there they were Private, Rico, Kowalski and Skipper, immersed in one of their secret missions, which of course, my children already knew and told me in detail. We would love to see them eating, but we didn’t arrive on time.


Exotic birds

To finish with, we attended the Exotic Birds’ presentation, where besides enjoying the exhibition, they explained, by megaphone again, some characteristics and curiosities of these animals. Sadly, we also found it short and we would enjoy the show to be longer.


The park

We really liked the way the park was, each one of the Areas we visit have were having a specific vegetation related to the area itself. We could also learn their names and characteristics because they were perfectly marked.

When the “I’m hungry mummy” time arrived, we did not have any problems, they have different restoration areas, plus toilets, shops, drinks machines, and playground areas with slides and swings.

In addition, and this is good news if you have to go on the hot season, the Dolphin and Bird Exhibition areas, are covered by tarpaulins and they have environmental temperature reducing misting system.

Opening hours

Timetable demostrations

Address: Parque de la Paloma S/N, 29630 Benalmádena, Málaga

Telephone: 951 560 324



Well girls, we have finished this week adventure with the best company you could have … Those crazy little ones!

We hope you have enjoyed it and especially it has inspired you!

See you next week!

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