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MUPAM Museum

Few weeks ago, we were at home on Sunday morning, trying to organize the day and thinking where we could take the children that afternoon. Looking for a cool place, the cultural fever raised and we decided to visit a new museum, a new one that we have never visit before. So, and thanks to the fact that there were having baby stories as well, we decided to visit the Museo del Patrimonio Municipal MUPAM.

What a nice surprise! I went full of doubts because my girls are very small, but, I have to admit it, it was a great discovery for the whole family, definitely… This Municipal Heritage Museum exceeded all my expectations!

Baby stories

The activity came from Cientacuentos Cuentapiés, I met these girls time ago in another occasion; so, I was pretty sure that it was going to be a safe bet.

The children were very interested on the story, which it was at the same time, very participatory. No one escaped: we had to sing, clap hands, play around… You know how children like to do activities together with moms and dads.


“Olor de Málaga. Percepciones olfativas de colección olorVisual”

After hearing the baby stories, we approach the temporary exhibition at the Coracha room “Smell of Malaga. Olfactory perceptions smells-sights collection”, which was dedicated to the aromas of the city of Malaga.

It is a contemporary collection of art divided into themes related to Malaga’s culture history, working fundamentally on the sense of smell.

My girls enjoy a lot guessing all the different smells what they were like: “So yummy it smells like sardines’ skews”, “Mama smells like honey, delicious” they didn’t stop until the finish the whole exhibition. Honestly, I don’t know who enjoyed it more, whether they or me, watching them having so much fun. I found a different and very original way of approaching art, for all ages, where each sector had a scent that complemented the meaning of the exhibition.



After working for a while our sense of smell, we approach the room where they exhibit the video games of the “plastihistory”, games that complement the visit through the history of Malaga made with plasticine.

Each game is related to a key moment of the local history and transmit information while interacting with them.

My girls loved the experience so much and, and me too. I think it’s very important to bring the story closer to the little ones, and the best way to do it is in a fun way.

I remain with their laughter, their comments, and their new acquired knowledge related to the origins of our hometown. But above all, with their desire of learning and their final speech: “Mama, when are we going to come back to the museum?”.

You can see the next activities they have organize on their website, collections or temporary exhibitions. You can collect the information and prepare a plan, to spend a nice afternoon or morning doing a different activity from what we usually do in summer , here you have a PDF with September program.



Museo del Patrimonio Municipal (MUPAM)

We hope we have contagious you our cultural fever, see you at MUPAM Mamis de Málaga!

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