Malga’s beaches for kids: “El Palo”


Hi again Mamis de Málaga, how is the summer going? Great, right? Good for you! Exactly the way it has to be … LOL!

Today I’d like to tell you about one beach we fall in love with, since we visit it for the first time, years ago. A beach we like to come back always we have the opportunity because of its location and tradition; Also, it fascinates us the type of beach that it is, you can get in the water and walk in far because it is not deep at all, and besides that, it is divided into small bays, which makes the task of watching the children much easier. On top of what I just said, this area it is very well communicated and all the utilities we might need are very handy.

… In short, it is ideal, and without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best options to spend an unforgettable and special day with the little ones.

In addition, few years ago, they extended the route of the bus number 3, joining Puerta Blanca with el Palo. And, as we live at the West side of Malaga, this connection, made this charming beach, more accessible for us.

One day at the beach… at “el Palo”

I will tell you our last visit to the beach of El Palo, which also it happens to meet with the day of Virgen del Carmen procession, making this coincidence, a fully booked day for us…!

Our ritual …

-After arriving, we take a wide look with the porpoise of finding a good gap as close as possible to the water, at this point my children and I make a very good team! Once located we put our parasol in the sand, the towels and the beach toys.

-We put on a bit of sun cream, at home we already did it, but we do it again once we arrive, call me tight, but with sun cream it is better over dose than getting short.

.. And lastly … Waterwings and to the water little ducks!


As every family, our beach day is basically turning around playing, yes, yes, playing with water, with sand, with beach toys and even with food, watch these sardines saying bye before being eaten by my kids…



Here you have a gallery with more photos for you to see and know the beach of “El palo” through my eyes …

After a while of fun time with sardines’ snack included, hunger is approaching to our stomachs again and, this time, because usually we take snacks or food from home, we are going to eat to a “chiringuito”, a fish restaurant at the beach. There are many options to choose from, but we put our minds on one called El Zagal, which it is, also, very well known in the area by everyone. The waiters and the food were beautiful, and the skewers spectacular, look at the photos they let me do, even they turned the boat to me to catch the best frame!



After lunch, we all return to the parasol and water, and after another while playing and enjoying we start to collect our stuff because we don’t want to miss Virgen del Carmen’s procession!

As every 16th of July, Málaga lives its most seafaring days with the feast of Virgen del Carmen, these days we can find many procession of the Star of the Seas through the streets until the beach, where after, on top of a boat or seine to sail by the bay blessing the water, escorted by dozens of boats. On this special day, we find many men and women dressed in “marengo”, a special custom, some barefoot, and a lot of emotion and feelings in the skin, to honour those sailors who lost their lives in the sea…

You can see on the pictures the emotion and the atmosphere you can breathe. By the way, do you recognize the third “marengo” on the second photo right side? Yes, you are right, he is Francisco de la Torre, the mayor of Malaga!



virgen-del-carmenPhoto by

Did you like it Mamis de Málaga, I hope so, and we wish to see you are there soon

Come on we still have so much summer ahead!

Keep in touch..

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