Magic, excitement and wonder… theatre ‘engages’ children

Theater for children

Last time I went to the theatre it was around one month ago. I took my big child to see a dancing show for children at “Teatro Cánovas”. I wasn’t sure he was going to like it, so I was a bit scare about if I’d have to leave at the middle of the performance, but I tried and it worked out! 🙂 When there is magic, excitement and wonder … the theatre “engages” the children.

At home, we try to offer to our children different kind of leisure: sports, nature, culture … because we believe it is the best way to expand their small world, to know beyond what they see on television or video games and, at the same time, to stimulate their interests and curiosities.

‘Vuelos’ our personal experience

When we decided to watch ‘Vuelos’ we only knew that it was a contemporary dance show for the whole family, recommended, especially, for children older than 5 years old, and that Leonardo da Vinci’s draws were going to be the starting point to explore the eternal dream of the man to fly.

I wasn’t very convinced because my child is not very passionate about dance (he is not very good dancer), at the beginning we selected this activity thinking about my little one, the real dancer of the family 🙂 but he wasn’t very enthusiastic about the plan, so finally I decided to go only with my older child.

When we arrived at the Cánovas Theatre room we found a cozy space full of families with children of all ages. I was pleasantly surprised to find ourselves with a fully booked room in which adults were the exception.

The noise and the movement were expected in a space full of children around 6 years old 🙂 but when the lights went off and the curtain was opened … the silence was made in the theatre. And in that moment the magic, the emotion and the astonishment took place at the environment.

Five dancers, an interplay of shadows and lights, music, mirrors, automatons, winged toys … these are some of the elements that the company Aracaladanza manages to introduce the spectator into a totally suggestive world. And surprisingly, children weren’t missing any detail, they were looking at everything with open eyes and amazement during the 50 minutes of the show.

My child enjoyed it very much and gave me a lesson, I will not, never again, go to make a preconceived idea about what my children will like or not 🙂

Theatre offer for children in Málaga

We are very lucky because Málaga has a great offer of theatre for children: the Echegaray Theatre, El Cánovas Theatre, La Cochera Cabaret … and these are only in Malaga Capital, at the province we can find many others that offer shows for the little ones.

Paneque will entertain the children with a new adventure next Sunday at the Echegaray Theatre if you don’t know this brave character don’t miss the opportunity to meet him, there are still tickets available!

Teatro Cánovas dedicates the months of April, May and June to the II Thespis Project: Festival of the Scenic Arts, where children and youth are the protagonists of the shows that are going to be represented.

La Cochera Cabaret offers us the possibility to know, the last two Sundays of April, to ‘María Desorden’, a girl like any other, a bit messy and with a lot of imagination.

At Felipe VI auditorium in Estepona we can watch “The Vain Little Mouse” also next Sunday.

These are just a sample of some of the shows you can enjoy shortly in Málaga, the shows season usually lasts until June so still you can find very interesting dates such as the musical ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Creamás Theatre or ‘Toy Musical The Story’ from Barabu Productions during the month of May.

Do you fancy going to the theatre with your children? Tell us about your experiences 🙂

Authoress: María Jesús Pérez

Translated by Susana Álvarez Sánchez

Imagen de cabecera: Freepik

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