Little White Night Málaga 2017

Hello Mamis de Malaga, how is your week going on? I hope you are doing well and saving, at the same time, plenty energy for the next weekend; Because, as you might know, the ‘The Night in White ‘, La noche en blanco, is coming, and this year brings plenty of children’s activities.

This is a magical night to walk with the kids, learning and watching many new things. So, we have researched a bit to bring you all the activities and events that you can attend with the little ones.

“Little White Night” is full of possibilities, so we have taken the liberty of dividing them into four blocks, to make it easier to organize yourself and to help you squeezing this magical Malaga’s night.

1. Thetre and music

‘Camino de sueños’ by Art & Museum, ‘Tales and songs for dreaming’ by Funny Fuguet, ‘Noa, story of a dream’ by Fundación Málaga – Hotel Molina Lario and ‘Músicas del mundo’ by Escolagia Gibraljaire College, three performances where we can discover and learn more about the dream’s world and a concert that it is presented to us as a music tour around the world with songs in different languages.

2. Museums and exhibitions

We can start the tour taking the children to see the aerostatic balloon from Malaga Balloons located at Plaza de la Marina and from there you can go and visit the Thyssen Museum to experiment with ‘boxes of light’, ‘Planet 22’ from Conchita Luceño or the Wine Museum and participate in a recycling workshop, to join this one you need to fill a previous registration form.

nochecita en blanco 2a

3. Tales

We also have the possibility to share with our children the wonderful stories from the storytellers, this time we have several options, ‘Vuelacuento: dreams have wings’ from Alonso Quijano Foundation, ‘Soñ-Arte storytelling’ from Agapea Bookstore – CAC Málaga, ‘Storytelling the problems’ tree’ by the Association of VV Cooperation and Alice in Wonderland, what do you dream of? by Quiron Health, where we can also participate in a craft workshop.

nochecita en blanco

4. Astronomy and workshops

Finally, when night is coming down, we can join a day of ‘star-watching’ with Astroándalus, or participate in several workshops aimed to the kids; At the Hotel Molina Lario we can collaborate in the creation of the ‘canvas of dreams’, ‘create magic stars’ at the Ola Lá Crafts shop or become true ‘dream builders’ by Mahatma Showroom.

nochecita en blanco

Oh, we forgot! Baloo, the protagonist of ‘Hara,the spirit of the jungle‘ will tour the historic center representing various scenes of the musical that will be released next June at the Botanical Garden. So, be aware Mamis de Málaga, and tell us if you find him!

There are many possibilities and a short period of time, so the best way it is to leave home with the homework done and with the itinerary very well structured, considering the age and tastes of your children. Do not forget that some of the activities can only be attended by previous registration, which it is good for those families that queuing up is not their cup of tea 🙂 .

Print here all the activities and events as we have been telling them.

We leave you a photo selection from last year to light your feelings of coming…

Wishing you enjoy a lot this spetial night we hope that our post help you a lot!

Have a look to the ofitial program here.

Share if you liked and tell us your plans!

See you at Little White Night!

Information and header’s image: from the official web ‘The Night in White’.

Images from the gallery provided by Art & Museum, Museo Carmen ThyssenMahatma Showroom y librería Agapea.

Post by Susana Álvarez Sánchez and Irene Franco

Translated by Susana Álvarez Sanchez

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