Piokito. Lice cleaning center in Málaga

I recently went through the experience of having unexpected guests on my little one’s head. Mamis de Málaga, can you imagine how unpleasant experience was?

As, many of you, I guess, I went in a little clandestine trip to buy the treatment, not cheap, by the way, to eradicate them, kill them, eliminate them … yack!

Unpleasant process, fear of getting all infected in the family, girl who doesn’t stop moving, tiredness … Endless hours of fights with her and the nits … I ended up exhausted … and the worst of all, with the eternal doubt … have I taken them all? Will there be a tiny nib that will give rise to another unwanted guest in an uncertain future?

Piokito, lice cleaning center in Málaga

A mom from my children school recommended me to I take her to Piokito, a lice-cleaning center located at Vialia area, opposite to CAC Málaga. So, I didn’t think it twice, I called them up and booked an appointment with them. And you know what? Thanks God I did it! There was still some small nits that I, with all the treatment I bought, couldn’t see or eliminate.

When we arrive, we found a very pleasant and diaphanous place, full of bright and very colourful. With a great variety of stories books, tablets with games and colouring pencils to create works of art that are very happy to show on a wall. And my daughter didn’t say an “Oh!”, an “I’m tired” or a “Mommy please finish …”


Can you believe that she enjoys a lot, and it took me ages to convince her to get out of there!

muneca piokito


In addition, they provide you with useful and truthful information about lice, guidelines to follow at home and new healthy habits aimed to prevent us from find ourselves in this situation again placing a lot of emphasis on prevention.

The treatments are from € 35 and if you follow them on Facebook or you are a large family you have a discount assured.

Piokito without lice naturally

When I arrived there, I was overwhelmed and they knew how to bring back to me the feeling of normality and tranquillity that I was needing, solving the problem with 100% natural products and in a wonderful personalized way.


tratamiento piokito

I won’t go through this hassle anymore. Counting the cost of treatment at the pharmacy, the hours you must spend with, the fights with your kid, the unpleasantness of the situation and the existential doubts of whether we will have finished with all, honestly it doesn’t worth it.

Here you have their contact details just in case you need them one day too.

Address: Pasillo del Matadero nº 14, 1º – 3, 29002 Málaga

Appointments: 952 35 64 29 – 636 715 664

Timetable: 10:00-14:00, 16:00-20:00

And … without a shadow of a doubt, for next time, crossing fingers that time it will never happens, we will come back to Piokito. This situation requires, yes or yes, a professional hand. I don’t know what you think about it, but since last week I have it clear and my little one even clearer than me

Share if you liked our experience or if you think my advice can help someone. Believe me, if I had known them before, I would save so many bad moments

See you next week Mamis of Malaga!

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