Indoor plan, let’s cook pizza!

Hello Mamis de Málaga, how the week was like? In my case, very busy, as always, no stopping even a minute… but giving thanks because weekend is here!

Every morning, I prepare a cup of tea with milk and a toast with olive oil and tomato to sit down and watch the morning news and weather broadcasting. Yesss, the weather, an English custom that I made mine, when I used to live in London, and together with a cup of ‘English breakfast’ with a splash of milk make that morning, with the children still asleep, relaxing and magical.

So, as I was saying, I was very surprised when I saw that this weekend was going to be stormy; So, I thought every cloud has a silver lining and with a full stomach it will be better …

This week I propose to do some homemade children plan at the kitchen or a home top chef with the best kitchen mate you can have, your kid!

Let’s cook pizza!

Dough ingredients:

1 egg

1 glass of warm milk

1 tablet of fresh yeast (25 gr.)

1 pinch of salt

1 trickle of oil

500 gr. of flour

Topping ingredients:

1 brick of fried tomato

2 pinches of oregano

2 bags of grated mozzarella cheese

150 gr. of cooked ham

1 can of mushrooms

1 green pepper

1 can of sweet corn

Black and green boneless olives

ingredientes pizza

Look at the way we do the dough!

  1. We put into a bowl the egg, the yeast, the salt, the oil and the milk. We mixed soooo good
  2. Then, I start adding flour while Paula is mixing until we have a consistent dough, that we put it, very carefully, in a plastic bag that we close with a loose tight, because the dough will grow! We cover with a kitchen rag.

Tip: To know when the dough is ready, we put a small ball portion of it, size of a fat olive, very carefully cut by my kitchen mate, in a glass of water. And when it goes floating up … voilà! Ready to extend.

amasando masa de pizza

Topping turn now!

  1. While the dough grows, we cut and prepare the topping, this is a very creative job, we love to use many ingredients of many colours, it has to be a beautiful pizza, so we will enjoy more eating it!
  2. We divide the dough in two halves and, with a little bit of extra sprinkled flour, we extend and make the round shapes that we are going to place on two oven trays previously anointed with oil.
  3. We put all the ingredients, letting the imagination flies, in this step of the process I become the helper and Paula the boss, haha


Oven time!

  1. We heat the oven 200 degrees and we place the pizza, that we take out when it is nice golden and crunchy, you can imagine how many trips she makes me to check up!
  2. When, together, we decide that it is ready, I take it off and she cuts it, teamwork is so important, and my girl is very convinced that cutting pizza is an expert.


Mummyyyy, yummyyyy! Mmmmm

We are finished, bravooooo

Before I say goodbye, I will tell you a secret, whenever we make pizza we finish dinner with a magic trick, look:

Now you see!

Now you don’t see!

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And tell us about your home plans with the little ones!

Written and translated by Susana Álvarez Sánchez
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