Funny Good Friday at Monte Calvario

Funny Good Friday at Monte Calvario

Good morning Mamis de Málaga, today is Holy Wednesday, half way for Easter to be finished, but still there is much to do with our kids in Málaga.

We are in a week full of traditions, processions, brotherhoods, carvings, images and passion. Concepts that could easily be extrapolated to the family, heh, yesss “my family is my brotherhood, where we have two beautiful images whom I adore and I take around in procession whenever I can, and together we enjoy with a lot of passion from our Family traditions, that full of love and enthusiasm, we have been carving over the years … “

Well, after this splash moment in which, I must admit it, I was beginning to come a little bit up 😉 , I will tell you what do we do every Good Friday in Malaga, and not only for the last 10 years, my oldest son’s age, but since I was little, because this is a tradition that my parents started in my family, and I continue so it goes for the second generation.

I tell you, if we focus on the images and processions scheduled on Good Friday, it’s easy to think, well, they are not very children, Friday is the Holy Week’s sad day where the death of the Lord is mourned … but as my mother says the fun it’s on your own.

Here’s our Good Friday plan, let’s see if you like it

That day we get up early, we dress up very handsome and comfortable, especially on the footwear, we pick up grandpa and grandma, uncles an aunties and cousin Erika and we start the trip to Monte Calvario. We go by bus, number 1 take us right there, so we avoid driving and we start the entertainment from the very first moment, there is nothing funnier than traveling all together by bus!

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According to tradition, every Good Friday we can walk up to the hill of Monte Calvario,  Monte Calvario, located behind the Santuario de la Virgen de la Victoria, patron virgin of the city, with a Via Crucis (stations of the cross) marked with crosses along the way up, where stones or flowers are left near each one, as a sign of the faithful. A small spiritual oasis that has managed to resist the passing of centuries, in a beautiful setting of pines, combined with the ascent that take you towards the old hermitage, location that, at the same time, allows us to enjoy one of the most spectacular views of Malaga.

The bus fulfils its mission and finally leaves us by the Basílica de la Victoria, as we are already in chore, we walk through the gardens and swings area situated by the Church towards the foothills of Monte Calvario, here we begin our first stop of the Via Crucis, I don’t know about you, but in my experience, it is impossible, for ourselves, to go through a park and do not stop: “we have to check that the swings are really funny mammy!” -exact words of my little one…, no problem baby, go ahead, what can I say. The swings checking time increase bit more than I wish, I have to say that my kids are very professional, but after a hard job we finally arrive at the beginning of the road to the mountain.

Ufff, reflection moment:

– Can anybody tell me where we are?

“At the Monte Calvario fields” says my son,

– Yes, yes, and there is a chapel above that has one hundred twenty thirty-four steps, answers my daughter,

– And thousands of crosses along the way where we must leave pebbles, continues my niece …

Well, it wouldn’t be possible for me to give them a better explanation! So, we start the climbing carefully, selecting very carefully each of the pebbles that we are going to leave on of the crosses that we are finding in our path. It is so much fun it is to discover the stations with them, find the perfect stone, of course it cannot be anyone, and participate in their conversations and ideas.

Once we get up, we go into the hermitage to see the Lord and give him a kiss on his feet, this is the most transcendental moment, we can breathe pure tradition impregnated with the smell of burning incense. Thousands are the questions about what we just have seen: mommy and… What happens to the Lord? Why is he always lying down? How does he walk down to the center to join the evening procession? … Luckily, I have reinforcements and grandma comes to the rescue!

We take advantage of the landspcape and we enjoy the pure air and the spectacular views that this place of dreams offers us before starting the downhill. On the way back, we make the last stop of the via Crucis to take the edge off our hunger, we buy some cool drinks, some sugar cane sticks and few lemons with a thick skin to eat adding a bit of salt. You shouldn’t miss their Chinese faces when they became brave and finally take a bite!

Mission accomplished and Monte Calvario test passed! It’s time to have lunch, we have to look for something to eat. At Victoria Street, when we walk down to the center it’s easy to find many restaurants and bars, great to make a stop, and if we don’t feel like, we keep going on our processional march towards the Center, where we finally find a cool and nice restaurant. I say Center of Málaga because it is a mandatory stop going to Casa Mira to enjoy some dessert ice cream. I could be a mommy of traditions but sweet at the same time! That’s why I strongly recommend the iced coffee, decaffeinated in my case, with vanilla ice cream, which undoubtedly is the best vanilla in the world.

After this yummy delicatessen, and if we still have energy to hang around, we stay by Calle Alcazabilla’s area, enjoying a little more, if possible, from our particular Good Friday, and starting with the right foot the beginning of a long weekend, noticing that next Monday is going to be bank holiday.

What do you think about our Good Friday plan?

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See you at Monte Calvario!

Written and translated by Susana Álvarez Sánchez

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