4 “countryside” places to visit with children, because Malaga is not only beach …

4 countryside places

When you speak about Malaga to someone from other cities they always talk about the same topics, the skewers, the beach, the weather, the cathedral … It is normal we all like these things, but our city has much more things to offer.

Curiously, every time people start the subject of rural places to visit in the province of Malaga, they end up talking about El Torcal, the river Chillar, the Chorro and no much more. I’d like to point that some of these places are not suitable for children, as they can be dangerous or require a lot of effort that the little ones will not be able to do.

When my children were born I decided to look for different places apart of the beach, places, with easy access and transit, where I could take them. My surprise was that I talked to other moms and many of them didn’t know other different places. Today I am going to tell you where I like to go to enjoy with my kids and why:

Guadalhorce’s mouth

It is located next Guadalmar area. If you are going by car, take the exit towards “Leroy Merlin” and go down towards Guadalmar.

It is ok for pushchair, I used to go with mine and had no problem at all.

What are you going to find there?

In addition to the mouth of the river, with a large amount of fauna and flora, you can do the trekking routes by the ponds and watch the large number of birds.

Desembocadura del Guadalhorce

To summarize it a bit, you have two areas to walk:

The mouth of the river, which you can walk along the path of soil and stones, up and down (or towards the sea).

The ponds area: with several routes marked, where you can Observe the lagoons and all the birds that live there.

Desembocadura Guadalhorce rutas

Important note: it is an area with a lot of humidity and this causes that there are lots of mosquitoes. For these reason, I advise you to wear a mosquito repellent (even if it is winter) and do not go to visit it in spring or summer.

La Finca de la Concepción

This is a place I thought it was known by everyone but it is not. It is perfect to walk with children and carrying a pushchair, with places to sit down to have a drink or a snack with children.

I believe that La Finca de la Concepción is a charming place. Just by the entrance you can find a path covered by the branches of trees few hundred years old, making a very pleasant shade for the hot months.

finca de la concepción techado de ramasCúpula Finca de la Concepción

By the left we find the native trees and dry gardens area, ending in a dome with a pond full of turtles and with a spectacular view of the city (this is what you see from the highway).

If you go to the right you will find a small forest of trees brought from all places, a manor house (which usually has exhibitions) and many fountains and small waterfalls so beautiful and interesting to see.

Malaga’s town hall usually organizes events in this place, such as markets or outdoor theatres.

Finca de la Concipción

Important Note: entrance to this site costs money, but on Sunday afternoons you can enter for free, you only have to look carefully at the schedule, which changes in summer or winter. Guided tours can also be booked.

Ascent towards Mijas

From the four places, I am recommending you today, this is the most countryside one. In the ascent to Mijas there are many urbanizations and small lanes that lead you to field zones, where many clubs of trekking make basic hikes.

There are some paved roads where you can go with the stroller and many others without pavement. The unpaved roads are better for children a little bigger, at least three years old, and even on that, sometimes you will have to carry them for a little while.

Subida a Mijas

Subida a Mijas 2

After this pleasant walk, you can go up to Mijas, leave the car at the municipal parking (which costs only 1 euro) and enjoy some snack or drink contemplating Fuengirola’s bay views.

Important Note: During the hiking, there is no place to stop for a snack or a drink with the kids, and you must be careful at the paved roads because cars can happen to pass by.

El pantano de la Viñuela

Near Viñuela village you can find the resorvoir that bears the name of this small village at Malaga’s Axarquia.

This place has a leisure area with tables and benches very close to the marsh itself. Also, you got there the Hotel La Viñuela, a small and charming hotel where you can eat or have a snack.

In addition, the area has several easy hiking routes, they are signposted and you can consult them online.

Pantano de la Viñuela 2

Pantano de la Viñuela

When the weather is good, a lot of people come here on weekends. An interesting fact is that the snowy mountain seen in one of the photos are the views of the Maroma from the marsh.

I am pretty sure that there are many other countryside places on the Costa del Sol to enjoy with children, so I encourage you to tell us and make a good compilation of them all.

Which is your favourite “Countryside” place?

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Lucía del Castillo

Lucía del Castillo

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The person we spend most of the time with our whole life is ourselves, that is why we should know our emotions and love and put ourselves in value. The way to get our dreams life begins by finding out how we are, what we need and how much we can bring to others. Would you like to know the way?
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