Fifteen years of Nobody’s Land Days: loads of fun


Hello Mamis de Málaga, back again 🙂 , this week we are going to share with you one post from Dácil Muñoz, mami blogger from Blog de una madre desesperada, in it, she talks about Nobody’s Land Days, event that take place in Mollina, Málaga, being this year from 3rd to 7th of Augost. Did you know about it? We didn’t, and we did like a lot the idea of going and living personally the experiences she describes.

Enjoy a lot with the reading, and… Let’s see you there too!

Fifteen years of Nobody’s Land Days: Loads of fun

This year my family and I have an unavoidable appointment in Malaga, we are going to have an incredible time in a nonstop playing event. Five hours driving from Madrid with a few warriors sitting at the back, it does worth to enjoy four days of extreme fun. We will enter to nobody’s land; We will move to a place where imaginary characters live, table games are freely available, sports and culture are the main menu and the imagination is the queen. With all these ingredients, it is impossible to do not jump to Mollina!

How? You didn’t know about this event? Or, Where Mollina is? Look for it right now on the map. It is a small town in Malaga that has the Euro-Latin American Youth Center (CEULAJ), a complex that has all the necessary facilities to organize multidisciplinary events as attractive as this one that begins on the 3rd of August. Accommodation, dining room, swimming pool, sports courts, covered sports center, …

Nobody’s Land Days started in 2002 to promote and give visibility to an alternative leisure based on table games, role playing, video games, strategy games, crafts … and everything related to sport and culture. Fifteen years later, they have successfully achieved their goal of creating a space for coexistence and exchange and to show new leisure alternatives without distinction of age. In fact, they have gone much further and have become a unique and impressive event, both for its excellent organization and for its quality content and extremely variety.

In this edition, they have much to celebrate and they promise to offer us dreaming and unforgettable days. Just to pop in to see the environment worth it; To live it is amazing. On Thursday, 3rd of August, the Nobody’s Land 2017 will open with many surprises and the subscribers and visitors’ expectations will be more than achieved. It will be four days without stopping playing. The stage will be again the CEULAJ, in Mollina, Malaga. A perfect place for this multidisciplinary event that holds so many leisure options at the same time.

To register and opt for the CEULAJ accommodation you must log on their website and be very aware to the day that they open the inscription time to apply for yours before anyone else. There is a lot of competition to get a place. The prices are extremely cheap if you compare with all the services and activities they offer. You have to do it much in advance, this year, this option is already gone. We have been lucky enough to get accommodation inside the center and now are looking forward being there.

To access as a visitor and sign up for all the activities you can cover is free. There are activities for everybody taste, although some, who need a special organization such as live role, need pre-registration from the web, where we can consult everything that offers us this edition. Filters will make our lives easier when it comes to finding what best suits our passions and tastes. The TDN app is vital for those who do not want to miss anything.

Competitions, tournaments, demonstrations, workshops, talks … The program is so complete, and it is oriented to all types of public and different ages. You will see pirates, sectarians, elves, soldiers, warriors, etc … watching them whit their custom acting their character it is priceless.

This is going to be our third edition as registered members of CEULAJ, and it became a not missing appointment. Children do not stop asking throughout the year when we go to the Nobody’s Land Days and they go very sad every Monday when the event is finished and we have to go. This year, children’s activities are very focused on the pirate theme: Gymkhanas, board games, role playing, live roleplay, crafts, competitions … But do not miss out on other equally attractive activities such as tournaments and fun game demonstrations Table, crafts or Mindfulness workshop for children organized by myself this year, very aware about the importance of teaching children how to relax and concentrate.


Dácil Muñoz Porta

Dácil Muñoz Porta

Blog de una madre desesperada

Madre que se sorprende, maravilla y desesperada a partes iguales con sus dos fierecillas 😀

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See you at Nobody’s Land Days Mamis de Málaga!

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