Concilia Málaga: our personal experience

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Still with the living emotions running through my skin, I sit down in front of the computer to convey all the experiences lived last Saturday 11th of March, when we participated actively as Mamis de Málaga / Mamity Comunicación in the event Concilia Málaga.  We are going to share with you our personal experience.

Our two sides, Mamis de Málaga and Mamity Comunicación, became even more evident last Saturday, as Mamity Comunicación we collaborated being responsible of the event’s Twitter communication and, on the other hand, we assisted to an event where we could finally meet personally many bloggers that we usually follow on the social media.

Concilia Málaga was organized and devised by our colleague Irene Franco, with Málaga Town Hall equality area collaboration, she starts this project before joining Mamity Comunicación and when the event took place, we were there, making team and collaborating doing what we do the best: communicating.

Course of the morning

The morning started very early and the kids got up just as early as they usually do (Murphy’s Law!) so the situation didn’t help to make the morning easier. After having breakfast (everybody), getting dressed (everybody) and mentally remind to myself, around 200 times, what I could not forget at home, finally the grandparents arrived to look after the children and I could go to the Carmen Thyssen Museum, the event auditorium.

When I got there, I join Irene, she was nervous and excited at the same time, closing the last-minute details; Susana soon arrived and we began to work and, it can’t be denied, we were bit nervous (quite a lot). The truth is that I feel very proud of the team we formed because each one did their part and we acted as one, sometimes just looking to each other we knew what to do. The morning went as it was planned (including the initial delay!)

During 4 hours at the Carmen Thyssen Museum, we were talking about conciliation, co-responsibility, entrepreneurship, paternity and a model of life that we must change and without a shadow or a doubt, we are changing! But unfortunately, we have a lot of fighting ahead.


From each speaker and from each round table I got ideas that drives me to reflexion, some of them put words to feelings that I was experimenting myself and I did not know how to externalize … because Concilia Málaga was not only an act in which conciliation and co-responsibility were discussed, these two words so fashionable in recent times, that can be sometimes empty of meaning. Concilia Málaga was a meeting where normal people, like you or me, could have the opportunity of sharing their personal experiences, infightings, struggles …

Público asistente a Concilia Málaga

The attendees took the microphone and were protagonists … women as Teresa, who share with the audience that when she was a child she had to stop playing to bring a glass of water to his 8 years older brother, or other women who related how hard was fighting to be “equal” to men and the effort to cope everything (work, home, children …) developing on her a disease like fibromyalgia and after a hardship of doctors, treatments and different diagnoses she obtain only a minimum pension.

Hard testimonies that we shared with tears in the eyes, but also stories of hope to change things like Tania who affirmed, very convince, that we cannot wait for government legislation, we must start obtaining small changes in our surroundings.

Guest speakers

Inauguración de Concilia Málaga

The guest speakers of Concilia Málaga were:

The Town Councillor for the Equality area, Julio Andrade, who inaugurated the event and highlighted the “alarming” rate of gender violence that currently exists in Spain.

Dori Fernández from PPiiNA Platform highlighted, as the keynote speaker, that the government say “no” to the equalization of parental leave by its high cost.

Mónica de la Fuente from Madresfera, a family blogging platform (fathers and mothers) in Spanish with more than 3800 blogs, talked about Motherhood, Entrepreneurship and Slow Business.

Loreto Prados from the blog Mi nube celeste approached the conciliation in families with special needs members.

Usúe Madinaveitia from #mamiconcilia, a movement that emerged spontaneously from the launch of the ebook of the same name, which contains testimonies about the conciliation of 28 women directors, made us reflect on the idea: It begins in each of us.

The co-responsibility topic was discussed at the round table by Daniela Dávila from Papá e Hijos and Catalina Echeverry from the blog Mama también sabe.

And the seminar was closed by Daniel Benavides from Tang de Naranja and Joaquim Montaner discussing the role of the father upbringing the children.

Summarizing each of the presentations and speeches of Concilia Málaga it is almost impossible, because there were so many ideas and reflections and I could fall in the mistake of forgetting some of the most important ones. Although I cannot resist highlighting any of them.

“Men work for money, women for love”,

“Paternity gives employment, maternity takes it away”,

“To conciliate, a verb to use with the pronoun we”, @dorifdez @PPiiNA

“When they kick you out of work because you are a mother, you go without self-esteem in addition”,

“Slow Business or keep going slowly in a sustainable way, you have to change the chip, you can grow slower!”,

“They say that when you work at home with children you do not work the same … Well, it seems we must change what we see as normal work”, @madresfera

“Having a child with special needs forces you to decide between caring and your profession, because there is no resources or support”, @minubeceleste

“Men who want to reconcile have even more difficulties than women,”

“Children are the main victims”,

“The companies that conciliate are more productive. A happy worker, works better”, @mamiconcilia

“Co-responsability begins at home. Our work in educating the new generation is a must”, @mamatambiensabe

“Children who grow in co-responsibility learn equality”, @papasehijos and @mamatambiensabe

“I was kicked out of the Whatsapp’s school group for being a man”, @Tdenaranja

“It is not co-responsibility, it is personal responsibility”, @2y6son8

Foto de cierre de Concilia Málaga

What do you think about our experience? Were any of you there? If you want to share your experiences do not hesitate to do so.

Author: María Jesús Pérez

Translated by Susana Álvarez Sánchez

Photos by Ayuntamiento de Málaga / Mamity Comunicación

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