Andres Olivares Foundation Summer activities 2017

FUNDACIÓN Andrés Olivares

Good morning Mamis de Málaga, it is our pleasure today to share with you a story that has captivated us, an example of overcoming and worth that touches our heart and leave us full of emotions.

Few weeks ago we visited Andres Olivares Foundation, and we had the opportunity to chat with Belén Gaspar Romero, the foundation’s manager director; We wanted to know a little more about this organization and its charitable work, and find out if we could contribute our little bit to the cause, that’s why we are writing this week’s post about them, our collaboration is going to be helping by transmitting their message, spreading both the foundation, and the activities and events they have organized for summer time to raise funds. A summer, full of initiatives, that will end up with an open Day the next month of September.

To begin with, we want to tell you briefly, what is Andres Olivares Foundation and the trigger that caused it to be born.

Everything arose few years ago with the unconditional love, generosity and friendship wishes of Luis, a seven years old boy diagnosed with leukaemia who asked his parents to create some kind of organization to help children who were in the same situation as him…

… thanks to him and his parent willingness to fulfil their son’s dream, his idea of ​​helping other children and relatives to live a better life was alive.

From there, Andrés Olivares, the foundation president, and father of Luis, began a journey that today has more than 60 volunteers offering continuous support, in different areas, to 150 families with children suffering from cancer.

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These are their following weeks events and activities proposals that, for sure, will be a source of fun for the attendants, as well as a huge satisfaction felling given by the personal reward of collaborating with a good cause.

They have more planned activities on their mind, such as the “Bavaria Golf Tournament” on 29th of July, and the “Open Day” on the beginning of September, for all those people who wish to get closer to the Reality that surrounds children with cancer, and enjoy with them a day full of activities and events designed especially for children.

If you would like to know how to collaborate, or ask for more information about their events and programmed activities, do not hesitate to contact them through the following channels:

Telf. 607 99 19 10

Just to say goodbye for today, very happy for our small contribution and confident that we have helped a little to spread the message.

It would be very appreciated if you share it, a small click can make a good cause to go further … To infinity and beyond Mamis of Malaga!

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