An International Women’s Day…

under a Mamis de Málaga vision

Happy Women's Day Mamis de Málaga

Today we are going to talk about a subject with a different nature than we usually do. We are celebrating the International Women’s Day, and as Mamis of Málaga we could not miss the opportunity of remembering that there is still so much to do in many different areas: conciliation, equal rights, gender violence. Let’s talk about an International Women’s Day … through Mamis de Málaga’s eyes.

2017 is being especially hard on the numbers of women being murdered by sexist violence. There is no week that we do not “breakfast” with the news saying that another woman has been murdered by her partner’s hands. At the beginning of March, we count 20 women killed and, unfortunately, it is possible that this number increase. At this point, we have to shout: They are Murdering us! Murdering, yes, when a man kills a woman, it is a homicide and there is no justification for this criminal and barbaric act. The solution it is not a matter of one or two people, it is a matter of the whole society. We HAVE TO be able of eradicating these behaviours and, to start with, the woman has to stop being in the background and start achieving real equality in all the aspects of her life.

Reivindication day

That’s why it is so important to claim the existence of days like today, days to focus on the difficulties that every woman lives for the mere fact of being a woman, neither more nor less… because even on the actual days, being a woman could be a reason enough to suffer discrimination and/or inequality.

If we research on WikipediaInternational Women’s Day‘ we can read the following words ” In different regions the focus of the celebrations ranges from general celebration of respect, appreciation and love towards women for their economic, political and social achievements ”

This year the International Women’s Day has chosen this theme: “Women in a changing world of work: towards a 50-50 planet on 2030”.

Manifestación de Barcelona Día Internacional de la Mujer


Since early March, several activities related with the International Women’s Day are being held in Malaga organized by different administrations.

“Junta de Andalucía” launched a campaign against wages discrimination to put in value the working women as social referents having the right of an equal salary.

“Diputación of Málaga” has prepared more than 100 activities, exhibitions, talks, micro theatre, shows or workshops among others, that will take place around the province of Málaga on the next months, with a special emphasis on the importance of women in sports.

We must make a special mention to ‘Recognized 2017’, an act that was held last 2nd of March where the role of 20 women and entities in favour of gender equality were recognized.

And a Women’s Business Forum that is going to take place in the Costa del Sol aimed at women entrepreneurs, directors and professionals in the province of Malaga.

In another hand, “Ayuntamiento de Málaga”, Malaga’s Town Hall has programmed various activities for the awareness campaign “We are many, we are strong, WE ARE ALL”, that aims to make women’s empowerment visible.

Día de la Mujer rueda de prensa Ayuntamiento de Málaga

These are some of the initiatives:

  • “Marks of Genius Women”, an itinerant exhibition that gathers the work and life trajectory of 30 women in different fields such as art, science or political activism. Placed at Málaga’s Town Hall “Patio de Banderas”, it can be visited until 21st of March.
  • “Concilia Málaga”, conciliation and co-responsibility meeting that will bring together bloggers to talk and debate about culture, conciliation, education, work, society, or entrepreneurship with the common denominator of family and conciliation. This event is going to take place next Saturday 11th of March at the “Carmen Thyssen Museum Auditory”.
  • “The cinema in your area”. In a close collaboration with Málaga Film Festival, the films “Techo y comida” and “Sufragistas” will be screened at the 11 districts of the city, by the equality service of agents.

We will participate actively in various events, both personally and professionally, one of them will be the “Concilia Málaga” meeting, impossible to miss this prominent bloggers and national bloggers meeting talking about conciliation and family in our city. Between you and me, this is going to be our first official event as Mamis de Málaga … Bit nervous!

And what about you, do you commemorate in some special way the International Women’s Day?

Author: María Jesús Pérez

Translated by Susana Álvarez Sánchez

Photos: Designed by Freepik / WikipediaAyuntamiento de Málaga

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