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Good morning Mamis de Málaga, I would like to tell you my every year mission this week. In less than a month will be my daughter’s birthday and I have to put my batteries on and start to look for a place for the celebration.

That’s why I thought it would be interesting to share with all of you my ideas, researches and also, some advice that I find very useful to organized everything.

Double birthday

I have always celebrated my daughter’s birthday alone. But last year, a Paula’s friend mother asked me to make the party together. And… Bingo!

I thought it was a great idea, we partnered and it was wonderful, haha. In addition, by sharing expenses, we celebrate it in a place that for price, perhaps I would have never chosen. They wanted to have their party in a princesses’ place and they were very excited. So, between the two moms, we decided to make that dream come true on their fifth birthday.

This year, without a shadow of a doubt, we will share their birthdays’ party again 😉


Sharing research, organization and expenses
Children learn to share attention, cake, gifts …
We strengthen bonds of friendship, creating very good memories together.

Cumpleaños doble

Look at their faces, they were so happy!

Choosing the best day

Once you start to organize, the eternal doubt arises. What day will be best to celebrate the birthday? On weekend? Weekly day matching the exactly date? And what about if it is a double birthday?

Obviously, the best day is the one that suits you best. But today I want to share with you why we choose one day and not another. I personally like to celebrate it on Friday, I’ll tell you why


On week days, our little ones’ small guest might not be able to attend because of his parents could be working.

Likewise, the weekends are when family plans are usually made, so they could not come either.

On Fridays it seems ideal to me, between week days and weekends, and although, many companies close on Fridays afternoon.

Where do we celebrate?

We have the day, and now it is time to search and decide the place. Perhaps this is the most complicated part because of the wide range of possibilities we can choose in Malaga. I’ll tell you several options.

Balls parks

This option is one of the most widespread, I’m sure, we have all attended more than one or two, and almost certainly, we have also rented one of them to celebrate our little one’s birthday sometime.

We can find ball parks everywhere, and depending on the day, the area and the characteristics we can hire them at different prices.

If you choose this option you have to take care of everything, organizing and decorating the party, food and drinks and leaving everything nice and tidy when party finishes.

Violeta Park
Krusty Park

parque de bolas



Another option is inviting all the little friends to participate in a workshop, could be cooking, magic, crafts, scientists … There are many options to choose from. They usually include snacks and cake.

Cooking Málaga
La Mesa Málaga
De Cake
La escuela con encanto
Taller de cumpleaños de Andalus camp

Cumpleaños taller cocina

Cooking Málaga


We can also hire an external animation team to liven up our little girl’s party.

Aeiou animaciones
Animaciones Colorines Mundo de Colores
Planeta Explora

animaciones colorines

Animaciones Colorines Mundo de colores

Party centres

There are a lot of party centres with playframes and many other activities: customs, passage of terror, disco, workshops … With bar and / or catering service so you do not have to worry about anything. They take care about snacking for children and parents, drinks, cake, sweeties …

Parque infantil Multiaventura
Mundo Manía
Piratas Park Torremolinos
Ludoteca Laberinto

Mundo Manía


Many options for sport children as football, karting and more…

Martín Carpena
La Rosaleda CF

Theater, dance, museums

Music, dancing, storytelling, theater … These options are very cool for our little artists.

Sala Tragasueños
Museo Interactivo de la Música




Restaurants are also a good choice to celebrate. Usually they have a playframe or park. Some of them also offer entertainment services.

Burguer Los Piratas
Restaurante Dalí
Burguer King
Domino’s Pizza

Archeology, architecture

These are very cool and look very original.

Arqueo Educa
ARQ Innova
Mahatma Liliput


This is where we celebrate Paula and Carmen’s birthday last year. It was very pink and girly, not missing a detail. Magic in its purest form!



These places seem very interesting to me, we have not yet been in any event, but we are looking forward to it 😉

Jardín Botánico
Funky Forest


Funky Forest

Theme parks

These parks also offer the option to celebrate birthdays’ parties, a different way to spend a very cool day.

Bioparc Fuengirola
Selwo Marina
Cocodrilos Park

Outdoor parks

We can also invite friends to a picnic in the park, prepare some outdoor games and spend together a lovely and funny afternoon. Look at these 4 playgrounds at the Costa del Sol.


And finally, we can always have a party at home, parents can leave children and collect them several hours later, these compliments are also spectacular!

There are many more options I haven’t mentioned today, let’s discover them together!

We hope that this week’s post will inspire you.

And if you are already inspired tell us how you are going to celebrate!

And … Share if you liked it!

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