7 beaches in Málaga perfect for children

Beaches in Malaga

How the beach of your dreams looks like? What minimum services would it have? Surf? Depth? Sand? Pebbles? Well, now you will tell me The Maldives, Cancun or Punta Cana, but girls, let’s be realistic, they are not very handy! It doesn’t mean one day we could be able to travel to any of them, but that is another issue .

I’ll tell you a secret, after living abroad for 7 years, I can assure you that our Málaga is a piece of paradise.

Well, after this reflection time, let’s go back to the subject that take us today, there are many details and possibilities to check, we must take into account our tastes and needs, and the beach that accumulates more of those, let’s call them “positives”, will be the one that we like the most to go.

Well, at this point, today we are going to share with you a selection of beaches in Malaga, that, as mothers, we like and we think they are safe bet. Of course, there might be others we have overlooked or even we don’t know, but that’s why we are the Mamis of Malaga, to inform us and help each other, if you know any other good option, please, leave it at the comments so we can build a list among all, don’t you think so?

1. Playa Sabinillas – Manilva

Urban beach located between Duquesa Port and Manilva river, in the town of Manilva.

Calm, clean and without stones water and dark sand, fine and silky. Gosh, what else can we ask for? With a length of 1,700 meters it is equipped with all the necessary services. Definitely, we have to include it in our particular list of comfortable and safe beaches to go with children.

It has toilets, feet showers, showers, wastebaskets, food and drinks, hammocks, boat rentals, children’s area …

Playa Sabinillas Manilva

Photo by lamejorplaya.es

2. Playa del Cristo. Estepona

Semi-urban beach of dark sand and calm waters with an extension of 1,300 meters. It is a small bay save from the nothing compatible with the sand winds, haha. It is a very nice beach with few stones, where you can walk perfectly towards and the water doesn’t cover you, which makes it an ideal beach for children.

It has bathrooms, lifeguard and even the possibility of assisted baths for people with reduced mobility.

Playa del Cristo Estepona

Photo by Ayuntamiento.estepona.es

3. Playa Casablanca. Marbella

Casablanca beach is a very popular beach in Marbella. It is located near the so-called “Golden Mile”, has a pedestrian promenade and many garden areas ideal for children to play. In addition, it counts only with 40 meters of width, which make daddies and mummies the task of watching their kids when the go close to the water.

It is an extensive beach of clean sand, with many small areas of tall palm trees where to shelter from the sun, many people bring here their own chairs and umbrellas. Also, the slope in the water is very soft and the waters very clear, in fact, what we all look for on a beach, isn’t it? .

It has showers and toilets, garbage containers, lifeguards, easy access and rental of sunbeds, umbrellas, bicycles, segways …

Playa Casablanca Marbella

Photo by beach-inspector.com

4. Playa el Castillo-Ejido. Fuengirola

This beach located just down Sohail Castle is so lovely, I know that you will tell me that on Fuengirola beaches there are many people, but this one it is a bit far from the center, so it gets a bit less crowdy. And on top of that, it’s worth sacrificing a little, right?

It also has an area designated as a beach for dogs and it is close to the Fuengirola river where you can practice different activities like zip lines and boat trips among many others.

Playa castillo sohail fuengirola

Photo by  A. González-Alba (“Galba”)

5. Playa Burriana. Nerja

I know that this fantastic and familiar beach located in the municipality of Nerja is very well known by everyone, somehow thanks to “Verano azul” series, which stole our hearts few years ago but not I could not name it because I think it is indispensable to include it in this selection.

It offers a high level of services and facilities such as toilets, washbasins, showers, wastebasket, tourist office, meals and drinks, hammocks, boat rental, children’s area …

In addition, we can also find a beach-library that lends books and organizes games for children, we simply love it!

Playa Burriana Nerja

Photo by burrianaplaya.com

6. Playa de El Palo. Málaga

We go often to this beach because of the good combination we have with the public transport. It is a very accessible beach with 1.200 meters extension from river Gálica until Pedregalejo, and it is divided into small bays, of shallow depth, ideal for the smallest ones.

In addition, due to the maritime vocation, still very present at the neighbourhood, we can find boats and fishermen who continue the tradition of fishing in the area, which it is another point that catches the interest and curiosity of the kids. See Malaga’s beaches for children: El Palo.

It has bars and restaurants, showers, surveillance, lifeguard, hammocks and umbrellas, litter bins, children’s games …

Playa El Palo Málaga

7. Playa de la Misericordia. Málaga

To finish with, I’m going to talk about my beach, and I say mine because I live 5 minutes walking from it and I’ve been coming there 42 years, as a child, as a teenager and now as an adult bringing my own children, as The Lion King ” The endless cycle”.

The Misericordia is an urban beach of dark sand located at the west coast of Malaga, accompanied in all its extension by the fantastic marine promenade of Antonio Banderas and by an old industrial chimney in which, my mother told us, my grandfather worked on its construction.

It also has a pier where fishermen are often launching the line, its waters are low and walking along its promenade, both in summer and winter, it is just amazing.

It has toilets, feetshowers, tourist office, surfing area, showers, drinks and food, wastebasket, children’s area …

Playa La Misericordia Málaga

Photo by Málaga Turismo

After all this information, we would like to say goodbye for today, wishing you liked our post and hoping it inspires you to make your own family plans in order to enjoy those little moments that generate happiness.

Please, leave us other options and / or suggestions in the comments and …

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