5 games to have fun while travelling

games for travelling

Travelling by car, bus, waiting at the boarding gate, eternal hours sitting inside the plane or the train, however we travel, it is very boring for children and for us, even more, when we have to listen all the time the never-ending question “Mom, how long to arrive?”

That’s why my proposal for today, it is going to be “5 games to have fun while travelling”. And no, none of them has anything to do with any electronic device, haha. Games from always, for all the family, to have the biggest fun while travelling.

If you want to know how your children are, how they think, their tastes, how they interact to others or how they will react to a situation… Play with them!

In addition, playing and having fun together make us to consolidate the special bonds with them, and educating and transmitting them very important values ​​such as sharing, giving, respecting norms … and something that sometimes it is difficult for them, jiji, learning to win and to lose.

Well, here you have our proposals:

Spaghetti mess!

If we go by car, the driver cannot participate.

We’ll need as many ropes, 50 centimetres long, as players, of different colours (to make it more attractive).

We distribute the ropes, one each, and at my signal we begin to make knots, each one to his or her own one… when I say swapping time, we pass the rope to the one next to us, and we continue knotting. We repeat this operation until I see there are a lot of knots and messes.

Then I scream … Stop and unravel! Each one has to remove the knots of the rope in their hands, and the one that finishes first… Champion!

lío de espaguetis

Let’s see who wins!

For this game you have to take into account the type of transport and landscape that you see through the windows.

Imagine that we are driving in the city, between all, we start deciding the rules of the game. For example, blue objects are worth 1 point, red 2 and green 3; or dogs 5 points, cats 4 and bicycles 3.

And then, you can imagine the dynamics. The one who obtains more points, in a certain space of time, wins.

ONE, TWO, THREE answer again!

I don’t know about you, but I’m from the “1, 2, 3” generation, so when we travel we always enjoy playing a little time. I take Mayra Gómez Kent role and I tell them … For a cool ice cream when we arrive, who can tell me more mammal animals names, such as a whale, ONE, TWO, THREE answer again!

It’s fun, and educational, haha. I don’t know how they always end up winning both, so everybody can have a welcome ice cream .

The circle’s game

We usually play this game when we go by plane or train, because we can have a piece of table. This game consists of taking a sheet and folding it in half three times, so when we open it is divided into 8 sections.

Then I draw a circle in each section and from this moment I give them green light. And… pencils in hand, you have to transform the circle into something else!

This game is very cool and it boosts creativity. You will be surprised when you see the works of art that result.


This is an observation and memory game that we love. It consists of observing a card with drawings and words for 10 seconds, the time that lasts the hourglass, if your children need more time you can turn the clock again to watch the card a total of 20 seconds.

Once the time has elapsed, the card is passed to the next competitor and you roll the dice. You have to answer correctly the question that corresponds to the number that has come out. If you hit, you will have the card, and if you fail, you return it to the pile.

There are many themes and levels, and also, in English. Who wins more cards becomes the winner.


Well, so far, here you have the 5 games today. We hope you like them and they will be useful when you travel.

If we go prepared, we can enjoy the vacation from the same moment we leave the house.

Do you know other games to travel?

Oh and … Share if you liked it!

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