4 plans for Easter in Málaga with children

Holy Week is just around the corner and those of us with children we know that, as much as we like processions, we cannot go too much because they would get a bit bored. That’s why we bring you a selection of 4 plans for Easter with children in Malaga.

We are a family or four, my big child and me, we love everything related to the processions, but my little one and dad, don’t fancy too much this tradition. A little bit is not bad, but only a little… spending the 7 days at the streets from here to there watching processions: no way!

To compensate the different preferences, we consider 3 or 4 plans for Easter including everybody’s tastes. So, we can get everyone happy! Depending on mummy a daddy’s holidays we can plan more or less activities. On this occasion, we have organized 4.

La Pollinica Procession on Palm Sunday

We start the Holy Week with the procession of “Real Cofradía de Nuestro Padre Jesús” on his entrance to Jerusalem and “Maria Santísima del Amparo”, colloquially known as La Pollinica. It has become our family tradition: we get up (early, of course …) We have breakfast and we go to watch it; A privilege location where we especially like to see it is Carretería St., mainly because of the atmosphere you can breathe in there 🙂

Several are the singularities of this brotherhood: the children, the palms and, of course, the donkey. All this makes La Pollinica an attraction for children, they enjoy so much watching the ‘mini Nazarenes’ carrying the palms instead of the traditional candles together with the figure of Jesus on top of a donkey.

That morning the streets of Malaga are full of children and it is a nice way to start the Holy Week!

Procesión de La Pollinica, Domingo de Ramos

This brotherhood is the first procession through the city streets on Palm Sunday. I leave you the itinerary to make it easier your morning organization.

Itinerary: Iglesia San Felipe Neri (9:45) Parras, Cruz del Molinillo, Ollerías, Carretería, Puerta Nueva, Pasillo Santa Isabel, Plaza Arriola, Atarazanas, Hoyo de Espartero, Ordóñez, Alameda (lateral norte), Alameda (12:15h), Rotonda del Marqués de Larios, Larios, Tribuna (13:15), Granada, Plaza Spínola, Calderería, Plaza Uncibay, Casapalma, Álamos, Cárcer, Madre de Dios, Montaño, Plaza Montaño, Guerrero, Parras, Casa Hermandad (14:40h)

One day trip to Júzcar, the Smurf village

Visiting Júzcar, the Smurf village, is a trip that we have pending to make with the children and, after watching the new movie of ‘The Smurfs’ at the cinema, we have decided to visit them to know and to enjoy all the activities they have organized around the Smurf’s world.

This town, ubicated at Serranía de Ronda, became the first Smurf Town in the world in 2011, when it was chosen by Sony Pictures to promote the movie ‘The Smurfs 3D’. Júzcar changed the traditional white houses, very typical of that area, by the unmistakable blue Smurf and due to the success and tourist boom they keep promoting a lot of activities related to the Smurf world.

Júzcar, pueblo Pitufo

This is our plan: visiting the Smurf market “Mercapitufo”, making the tapas route, walking around the peculiar streets to feel the smurf spirit and bring the children to get a smurf face make up and a customize baseball cap. Ah! And we cannot forget to pass by the Smurf Photographic Park to picture us on some beautiful blue memories, of course! 🙂

Beach day in Burriana

The beach is always a perfect plan for us, so if weather is good we will spend a day at the beach in Burriana, Nerja. These dates are ideal because there are not many tourists as in summer and the temperature allows us to play with the children on the sand, it’s true that the water could be still a bit cold… but the important point is to enjoy with the kids 🙂

Playa de Burriana en Nerja

The beach of Burriana is ideal to go with children because it has all the services you could need: restaurants and beach bars, showers and toilets, children’s playground, sunbed’s rental and parasols. Along the 800 meters’ length of the beach, we can have a walk before sitting down to eat the traditional paella in one of the many beach restaurants “chiringuitos” that you will find.

To get in there, we plan to go by car from Pescia avenue, the main road, and at the roundabout take the Filipinas street to go down to the beach and try to park there, although in summer it is better to go directly to the Carabeo parking, which is nearby and saves you wandering around the area 🙂

Tour by El Torcal de Antequera

Our fourth plan for Holy Week is to walk along by one of the three Torcal de Antequera’s public pathways, most likely we decide for the green, a circular 1.5 kms walk, that it is the shortest (only 1 hour with the kids) and accessible to them. Ideal for spending an outdoors morning, and they can jump from stone to stone, play hide-and-seek (without leaving the trail), see mountain goats and observe a different landscape.

Then we will go to the Visitor Center to know how the Natural Park was formed, its fauna, vegetation and history. And we will end up having lunch at the restaurant “Torcal Alto” where we can enjoy some of their homemade dishes.

Vista de El Torcal, Antequera

For those of you who don’t know “El Torcal de Antequera” I must say that it is one of the most important karst landscapes in Europe, with a great biodiversity of fauna and flora, declared World Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, which is reached by a single access road from the A-7075.

> There is a car park in the same place but it is limited and once completed the access is closed, so you would have to leave the car in a parking less than 3.7 km far and walk up, or by shuttle bus with a fee of 1.5 € return ticket.

There are 3 trails of public use, free access and signposted: orange of 3.7 km; The yellow of 3 km and the green of 1.5 km. We recommend wearing shoes suitable for hiking and bring water and some food for children, because it will surely give them hunger and thirst after so much exercise 🙂

In addition, you can do some of the guided routes that we propose as the Ammonites, the Caves or the Little Safari, more information here.

Well! These are our 4 plans for Easter with children in Malaga, hopefully we are going to do all of them this Easter 🙂

Do you want to join us?

If you liked this post and, besides, it has been a bit useful do not hesitate to share it.

Thank you very much for reading us 🙂

Author: María Jesús Pérez

Translated by Susana Álvarez Sánchez

Photos by freephotos.cc y Freepik

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