4 children’s Parks at the Costa del Sol

Children's Parks

This week, we have a surprise for you, we have invited M. Ángeles from the blog Aprendiendo con Julia to tell us about the children’s playgrounds in Málaga that she likes the most. Surely you already know her, but in case you don’t, let me introduce her to you: M. Ángeles is a very restless mommy of two children who defines herself as mother, student, worker and blogger. She started her blog with the idea of collecting things for her first child that, with time, has become a corner where she shares very interesting things related to motherhood. If you want to know a little more do not hesitate to visit her blog.

I leave you now her post for you to read it, sure, you will enjoy it!

4 children’s Parks at the Costa del Sol

Whenever I can, I love to take my children to the park. But to a proper park, not one of those 2 square meters with a slide in the middle, at any corner of the city. Sometimes they are ok, when I pass by, but if I have plenty time it is much better other ones. We like to go to the park to play, run, riding bikes, snacks … Hanging out with the kids and enjoying with them!

I’m going to tell you my 4 favourites parks at the Costa del Sol. For sure there are many more and very beautiful too, but I love these 4 and I strongly recommend them. We can find many parks where you must pay a fee to get in, like botanical gardens, butterflies park and many others that we love as well, but we will talk about them in another post. Today I am going to show you my 4 favourite parks at Malaga.

Parque de Poniente at Fuengirola

I start by a park in the city where I live and where I usually go. It is a park quite big although it doesn’t seem so. It is divided into 2 zones. On the one hand, we have a huge pirate ship in which children can unleash their imagination with slides, stairs, passageways, nets and rudders. In addition, it has a playground specially designed for the little ones and a little bar for snacking;)

At the other side of the park there is a skating rink where I usually take my children with the bikes or the scooters.

And by the way, you can go to see the childish stories park, which it is right next door to the Poniente Park. This is a beautiful park where you can read the classic stories while playing and taking pictures with the statues of the cat in boots or the three little pigs.

Parque de Poniente

Feed: Costa del sol occidental

Parque de la batería at Torremolinos

74,000 square meters of park gives you a lot of possibilities for running, playing or whatever you want. It is a park that I love for many things. It was a defensive battery in its time and has been refurbished like a park, although they have maintained some of the canyons. Which my eldest son loves.

What can you find in the park?

  • A large artificial lake where you can rent boats to sail.
  • A lookout tower from which you can see the coast. Wonderful place to make beautiful pictures.
  • A huge area of games with padded floor, benches for the parents, playground for the little ones and 2 structures to play for the big ones, enormous by the way.
  • A very special growing up children’s tree. It is a tree where children who grow big can leave their dummies. In the little house at the entrance of the park, you can take a ball with a rope to put the dummy in and hang it up to the tree. My son left his in there and he loves to go and see the tree every time we go.

You can drive to get in there, and there is a parking area inside. But also, you can go by train and get off at the stop Montemar Alto, which it is right next door.

Vista del Parque de la Batería

Feed: Nerja Today

Columpios del Parque de la Batería

Feed: Panoramic Villas

Parque de la paloma at Benalmádena

It is one of those places perfect for relaxing. You can sit with your blanket on the grass while the children play with a ball, have a picnic (we do a lot), see animals in the park like rabbits and chickens, feed the ducks on the lake, play at the swings areas or take a snack in some of the little bars inside the park.

There are about 200,000 square meters of green area and it is considered one of the most beautiful parks in Europe, it is just amazing!

If you like to enjoy the outdoors and see animals in freedom without leaving the city, it is perfect. My children can spend hours looking for rabbits in the bushes or feeding the hens.

Parque de la Paloma

Feed: Objetivo Málaga

Vista del Parque de la Paloma

Feed: Ayto de Benalmádena

Cinema’s Park at Málaga

Very original park with a long road that it is a film roll that covers part of its 10,000 square meters.

Along the way, you can see golden stars painted on the floor that will make kids travel to Hollywood. There are several playground areas and each one has the name of a movie or a book. In addition, areas for big boys and smaller children are separated.

But the best thing it is the central attraction. A great book with a structure with slides, walkways and many other options to play.

But that’s not all, children can play with daunting cable slides, trampoline, ping pong tables, mini basketball court, balancing play area and many other activities.

Totally recommended.

Parque del Cine, vista aérea

Feed: El Mundo

Parque del Cine, zona infantil

Feed: Etapa infantil

The last three parks remain closed at night, so I recommend you check the schedules on the internet, as it varies according to the season.

Which one is your favourite park? I listen to you 🙂

Foto de perfil de M. ÁngelesAuthor: M. Ángeles from Aprendiendo con Julia blog.

Maternity blog, resources and educational stories, crafts, printable for children, children’s parties and much more. Aprendiendoconjulia.com.

Translated by Susana Álvarez Sánchez

Header photo: Pixabay

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